License Agreement and Term of Use

By purchasing or downloading figicon, you are agreeing to be bound by this license agreement. This agreement applies to all products and services provided by fig icon.

fig icon offers the following licensing options for its products:

Yearly LicenseWith a yearly subscription, you can access and use fig icon for personal and/or commercial* projects as long as your subscription is active.

Lifetime LicenseWith a lifetime license, you can download fig icon and use it for personal and/or commercial*  use across any number of projects indefinitely.

Free LicenseYou can download the free pack provided by fig icon and use it for personal and/or commercial*  use across any number of projects.

*Check prohibited uses 

Prohibited Uses

By purchasing or downloading Fig icon, you agree not to:

  1. Sell the icons as individual products solely for the purpose of re-selling.

  2. Modify the original design/artwork of the icons so as to render them unrecognizable from their original state with the goal of reselling them.

  3. Sublicense, rent, transfer or assign the icons to anyone without express permit.

  4. Use the icons to sell products like patterns, stickers, or t-shirts where fig icon may provide the most and/or only commercial value to that product.

  5. Use the licensed Product or its output to develop or enhance any product that competes with Fig icon / Ideate Icons.

  6. Sell icons as your own in original or modified form.

  7. Distribute the product for free.

  8. When working on client projects, you can share up to 200 Ideate icons with the client. To share the entire fig icon library, you will need to purchase an Lifetime License, or your client will need to buy a license.

  9. When using Fig icon in open source projects, you can include up to 200 Fig icon in the downloadable source files. The downloadable source files must include the Fig icon Copyright Notice.

  10. When using Fig icon in templates, themes, UI kits, or plugins, you can include up to 200 Fig icon in the downloadable source files. If the product is offered for sale, you can remove this limit by purchasing an Lifetime License.


Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not offered. However, if you encounter any issues with the icons, you can contact our support team, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.


While attribution is not required, it is appreciated. If you choose to give attribution, you should credit Ideate Icons and include a link to our website in your project or website.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this license agreement, please get in touch via Figicons@gmail.combefore purchasing, and we will be happy to clarify any concerns you may have.

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Fig Icon is copyrighted. Redistribution is not permitted. Use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is allowed if you own an Fig Icon license.

Copyright (C) Figicon